The company GRAND POWER is 100% self-supporting, in terms of mechanical machining, thanks to own production plant.  We use the latest 4- and 5 axis machining centers with an accuracy of +/-0.005mm and high productivity.  Heat treatments and surface treatments, as well as molded plastic and metal parts, springs and pins are provided by our subcontractors.

Currently, the company has eighty own employees, than next tens of people work at our subcontractors.  More than two thousand pieces of guns leave the production per month.  The most favorite is the T12 model /Russia/, K100 and aslo X-Calibur.

Today, Grand Power produces more models of pistols X-Calibur, K100, K100 Target, K100 X-Trim, K100 Dynamic, P1, P1 Ultra,P1 DAO, P11, P380, CP380, LP380, P40, P45, P40L, P1S, K22, K22 X-Trim, P9M, T910, T10. T12, T11, G9, K105, K102, K100 Whisper a P380 Whisper